Rosa and the Golden Bird, by Darcey Bussell, reviewed by Lily Dandy

Today’s excellent review is by Lily Dandy, in Year 2, who has reviewed Darcey Bussell’s book Rosa and the Golden Bird.

Review of The Fire Bird, by Lily Dandy

Review of Rosa and the Golden Bird, by Lily Dandy

What is the book about?

There is a girl called Rosa and she has some red ballet shoes which take her to Enchantia. She rescues a fire bird. She solves problems in Enchantia in all the stories.

Who would this book be suitable for? Age/interests?

6-9 girls who like dancing.

Rating: 5 stars

Thank you, Lily, for taking the time to write such a lovely report, and for drawing a fantastic bird!


A wonderful World Book Day 2015!

We’ve just had a brilliant World Book Day at St Michael’s Primary School, thanks to the fantastic Peter Bently and his fun and informative brand of humour.

Key Stage 2 pupils (years 3-6) were treated to a cornucopia (what a lovely, big word) of funny jokes and facts about medieval life, linked to Peter’s hilarious series Knightmare!. (Review to come soon.) Of course the fact that much of it focused on medieval guard robes (poo closets where clothes were kept, as folk believed the smell would repel the moths) captured the children’s imagination and sense of humour as two hapless characters had the unenviable job of trying to climb a guard robe tower. Peter then invited the children to be his squires or pages to help him don his suit of armour … and everyone was desperate to have a go.

Please, sire, let me be your squire!

All Peter could do was stand there while we tried to attach the various parts…

WBD 2015 036

It took four of us to fasten the leg armor!

After that, we heard about how difficult it was for knights to ride and fight, wearing the equivalent of two men’s body weight on their body. And how they sometimes had to be hoisted onto horseback with ropes!. Luckily Peter managed to get onto this horse without too much trouble.

What horses used to be used for in ye olde school gymnasiums. Honest...

After a morning of jesting and jousting, we moved into Key Stage 1 for some picture book fun. The children, predictably, LOVED The Great Dog Bottom Swap (you can read our review here) and the Reception teacher could barely suppress her giggles as she held up the book.

Not quite sure what Peter was doing here - I think gnawing a pretend bone. But it certainly tickled Kylie's funny bones!

At the end of the day, we had our official library opening and Peter cut the ribbon with proper scissors, otherwise we might have been there all day with the child-safe ones.

Cutting the ribbon...

And then we had tea, cakes, and book selling and signing. The queues were phenomenal.

WBD 2015 111

At 4pm it was time to pack Peter into a taxi and back to Devon. But the buzz in the school carried on well past his departure. I am sure tomorrow I will be reading more of Peter’s books to the children!

I will leave you with some pictures of the artwork children have been doing to prepare for Peter’s visit. The library feels cosy and official now!

Happy World Book Day!

Our medieval display boards...

Cardboard castles and fairy lights

If you look carefully you can see a glimpse of Puss in Boots.

A medieval cardboard shield, decorated with decoupage. Genuine article.