Meet the Minions review by Louis Clarke, Year 1

We have a really lovely review here today by Louis Clarke in Year 1, of Meet the Minions. And look at the amazing drawing too! Thank you, Louis. 🙂

Louis review Meet the Minions

What the book is about

Villains, minions, spies, dragon, Kyle, Margo, Agnes, Edith, Tom, Stuart, Lucy

Who would this book be suitable for?

5 to 10


Spy stories

Would you recommend this book? Why?

Very good

Lots of fun


Are dads really dustbins?

This week I had the pleasure of reading Dustbin Dad to Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils. They were especially keen on the book because it was written by Peter Bently, who visited our school on World Book Day.

picture courtesy of http://www.theworks.co.uk

What it’s about:

The moral in this hilarious story is: never leave food on your plates (or anywhere else visible) if you have a determined dad in the house. If you do, you might encounter all sorts of problems, as the dad in this book discovers when he greedily scours the house for anything remotely edible. Including the dubious vet-prescribed anti-wimp potion for the family’s scaredy-cat.

Our review

We are all huge fans of Peter Bently. His picture books went down a storm with all years and his Knightmare series has been permanently on loan, with children coming in every week to demand if they have been returned. There is a queue now forming for them! I think extra copies are in order…

Anyway, when I announced we were reading this book today, everyone gathered excitedly on the steps of our courtyard garden to hear the tale. Before starting, I asked the children if they knew what a Dustbin Dad was – and they did! It seems there are quite a few members of the species in houses in Oxford (at least), mopping up everyone’s leftovers, so the premise of this book was not new to these children. They did however, adore hearing all the yucky details of partly eaten sandwiches, pies, tomatoes, egg whites, etc that the titular character chomped on happily. And the sound effects of burping were particularly popular (and worryingly accurate). They liked identifying forthcoming rhymes (particularly one that rhymes with ‘tum’ – I will let your imagination work that out) and became totally enthralled with the impending disaster near the end of the book.

As soon as I had finished, they were already asking if they could borrow the book so I’d better get this on the system – quick!

We are hopefully going to draw or make our very own Dustbin Dads soon, so watch this space!