A selection of reviews on dinosaurs and animals!

In our library, books on dinosaurs and animals are very popular, so I thought we could share with you some interesting reviews from our children in Year 1 on what they have read.

The first is by Abdullah, on a book called Dinosaur Encyclopaedia, by Caroline Bingham. He says that the book is about different dinosaur typesand how they lived and what they did.  Abdullah thinks that children aged five to ten would like this book best and he would definitely recommend it to others – five stars!

abdullah dinosaur review

The second review is by Saad, on a book called Secret of the Dinosaur World, by Archie Blackwell. Saad tells us that the book is about dinosaurs’ eating habits, skins and fossils, and he thinks that kids of his age would enjoy it because it is very informative (fantastic word, Saad). He says that it is about different types of dinosaurs and their living and hunting. I think Saad has given this five stars!

Saad dinosaur review

The final book of today has been reviewed by Zaid, on a book called Animal Disguises, by Belinda Weber. Zaid says the book is about how animals prey on other animals by doing camouflage – very clever! Zaid thinks the book is very informative and has given it five stars, I believe.

zaid review animal disguises

Thank you, boys, for some great non-fiction book reviews!


Scritch Scratch, reviewed by Ava and Abby in Year 2

Oooh, I am feeling horribly itchy here today from the two excellent reviews by Ava and Abby, in Year 2, of Scritch Scratch, by Miriam Ross and Delphine Durand. For those of you who start scratching at the mere mention of nits – BEWARE!

Ava’s review:

Ava Scritch Scratch

What’s the book about?

One little nit that creeps round a classroom laying lots of nit eggs and eventually getting the teacher. Then another teacher comes. Her and they fall in love and marry, the nit is in a new classroom now.

Who would this book be suitable for?

5-9. A very funny book, lovely to read and suitable for five to  nine year olds.

Would you recommend this book?

I really would recommend this HALARIAS book to EVREONE! Because it is HALARIAS! 5 stars.

Abby’s review:

Abby Scritch Scratch

What’s the book about?

Nits that lay eggs in the teachers hair.

Who would this book be suitable for?

4-8. People that wonder how nits get around.

Would you recommend it?

3.5 stars

I am off now to scratch my head and then I might read the book again. THANK YOU Ava and Abby for great reviews and hilarious pictures!


Spot to the Rescue, a review by Bertie Austing Kaji

Spot the Dog is a popular picture book character and today Bertie, in year 1, has done a great review of the book Spot to the Rescue, by Kimberly Weinberger.

Bertie review spot to the rescue

What is the book about?

The story is about a fireman who saves a cat.

Who would this book be suitable for?


Would you recommend this book or not? Why?

Because the button makes the sound woo woo.

Thanks for the review, Bertie, and the very colourful picture of Spot!