I Am David, by Anne Holm. Reviewed by Ayako Frellesvig

After a long summer’s break, we are gradually getting back into the swing of things in the Library. And what better way to start our term on here than with an excellent book review?

Today we have Ayako Frellesvig writing about her chosen book: I Am David, by Anne Holm. I remember this book fondly from my childhood and it seems to have made an impression on Ayako too.

What is this book about?

David escapes from a concentration camp. A man tells him to go to Denmark. On the way he rescues a girl from a fire. He is taken to the girl’s family who looks after him. One day he hears the parents talking about giving him to the police so he escapes. He is caught by a farmer but digs a hole and escapes with a dog. The police chase┬áhim and they shoot the dog so David escapes. He hears that his mother is alive. He runs and finds her.

Who would this book be suitable for?

Year 5 and over. If you like stories about war and exciting but also sad stories you will like it.

Would you or would you not recommend it?

I would recommend this book because the writer describes everything so well that you think you’re there. The story is also amazing because David sees the world in a different way because he has been through terrible things.

Ayako did a brilliant drawing for this review, which I will try to scan in soon.