Our new librarian?!

In the manner of the Three Bears, when I came into work the other day, I asked:

‘Who’s been sitting in MY chair?’

Of course, I could answer it immediately as he was still there.

A big, grey, cuddly BEAR!

(Not Goldilocks this time.)

He hadn’t been eating porridge, at least. But he looked rather comfortable behind my desk and when the children came in, they greeted him with such enthusiasm that I thought I might be out of a job soon.

Here is the cheeky interloper:


Everyone keeps asking me his or her name but, at the moment, I’m not having much luck finding that out. So, instead, I thought we could have a little competition to name the bear.

If you’d like to suggest a name for him/her/it, come to the library and tell me. I will draw up a list and then everyone can vote! Hopefully we will have a name when we come back after half-term.

After an interesting discussion with Anonymous Bear, he (let’s just assume this for now)  told me that he would like children to read him stories. But Bear has a bad memory, so every time you read him a story, he’d like you to write the title down in a special book, along with the date, so he can remember all the lovely things he’s heard. You can come in at lunchtime to read to him – quietly, mind. He doesn’t like a lot of noise!

Anonymous Bear is currently residing on a gold throne in the Library…



Gangsta Granny – the funniest book ever!

Today’s book review is by Jonny in Year 6. He’s chosen David Walliams’s Gangsta Granny because he thinks this is the funniest book ever and that it will help your imagination grow!


What is the book about?

This wonderful book is about a boy called Ben. He thinks he has a boring granny. He blames her for being boring for many reasons especially for smelling of cabbage soup. Ben doesn’t know what her secret is, she has a special secret. He doesn’t know how famous she is.

Who would this book be suitable for?

If you want to laugh you’re welcome to, because this book is the funniest book ever. If you want to imagine extraordinary things this is the place to do it. Your imagination shall grow if you read this. I think the age would probably be from 9 to 12 years.

Would you recommend this book?

I liked this book a lot. David Walliams should go on to when Ben sees the diamonds – I think this should have been said earlier.


Thank you Johnny! You have a brilliant career ahead as a book reviewer!



Harper and the Sea of Secrets

I was so pleaed and delighted yesterday to receive a fantastic review by Arfah in Year 4. She belongs to our book review group, The Missing Pages, which we formed to submit reviews to the Guardian’s Children’s Book site, before it ceased running. However, we always welcome reviews in the library and Arfah is a keen reader and reviewer. She took her special book home over the summer holidays and wrote several in-depth, thoughtful pieces on books she had read. Today’s book is Harper and the Sea of Secrets, by Cerrie Burnell. She even drew a picture to illustrate it!


What the book is about:

The Songs of the Sea Festival is about to start, but disaster has struck! Harper and her friends have the courage to walk along the smugglers tunnels, passing under the sea to find out who has stolen all the instruments. My favourite part is when Harpers fingers trembled with excitement, because she had never had a letter before, so this is what it said:


The orchestra I’m working with, have all had their instruments STOLEN!

You must bring new ones from the tall apartment block to the City of Gulls, at once!

Without instruments the SONGS OF THE SEA Festival will be cancelled, and all my clothes will go to waste! PLEASE HURRY!


Great Aunt Sassy x

Arfah rates this book 6 / 10 and says it is suitable for ages 7+.

Thank you, Arfah, for such a beautifully written and illustrated review!