Book reviews

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On this page, we will add our pupils’ reviews.

Every child (and staff member!) in the school is welcome to submit a review of something they have read, including:

  • fiction books
  • non-fiction books
  • picture books
  • comics
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • websites

Audiobooks are fine too!

Your review should contain the following:

1. The title of what you are reviewing.

2. The author and / or illustrator.

3. How many stars out of 5 you would give it (5 is best, 0 is worst!).

4. What the book, magazine, etc, is about.

5. Why you liked or didn’t like it. Would you recommend it to others? Why / why not?

You can either bring a copy of your review to me in the Library or email me your review at:

Happy reviewing!


Rosa and the Golden Bird, by Darcey Bussell, reviewed by Lily Dandy

Today’s excellent review is by Lily Dandy, in Year 2, who has reviewed Darcey Bussell’s book Rosa and the Golden Bird.

Review of The Fire Bird, by Lily Dandy

What is the book about?

There is a girl called Rosa and she has some red ballet shoes which take her to Enchantia. She rescues a fire bird. She solves problems in Enchantia in all the stories.

Who would this book be suitable for? Age/interests?

6-9 girls who like dancing.

Rating: 5 stars

Thank you, Lily, for taking the time to write such a lovely report, and for drawing a fantastic bird!




Lily Waddy (Year 4) has written this great review of Kate Saunders’ The Belfry Witches.

I loved The Belfry Witches it’s a great story, but I don’t thin many people would have read it. Here is the blurb:

Meet old Noshie and Skirty Marm – the naughtiest witches in the world!

Old Noshie and Skirty Marm have committed a terrible crime. They’ve sung a very rude song about the Queen of the Witches. Now they are to be banished from Witch Island forever! But where can they go?

The sleepy village of Tranters End is about to become home to two wacky witches, a cat who tells VERY big fibs – and a whole lot of trouble.

As you can see this book is about two very naughty witches named Old Noshie and Skirty Marm. Old Noshie is quite short and plump, while Skirty Marm is tall and very skinny. They do seem to have quite weird names at first but you get used to them!

I loved The Belfry Witches. I give it five stars.


Isaac Band in Year 2 has written a lovely book review of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse, complete with a stunning drawing.

Isaac Band's review of War Horse

Isaac Band’s review of War Horse

Just in case this image is hard to read, I’ve copied Isaac’s review below:

What is the book about?

A horse Joey being brought up by his friend, being sold off to the Army and surviving WWII as a cavalry horse then a hospital horse and ends up pulling a gun.

Who would this book be suitable for? Age/interests?

8 years. People that care in horses.

Would you / would you not recommend this book? Why?

No maybe they might not want to read it because of the cover, but you should never judge a book by its cover!

Rating: 5 stars

Thank you, Isaac, for a well-considered review and an amazing picture!




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Book:                   Opal Plumstead

Author:                Jacqueline Wilson

Reviewer:            Esme Hennessy (Year 6)

Star rating:          ***** (5 stars!!)


I really liked this book because it was a mix of tragedy and happiness.

Whenever I read it, I had anticipation inside me and I didn’t like it when I had to stop reading.

It might have an ordinary start but the book soon gets very exciting. To those of you who don’t know what it’s about here is the plot in brief:

It’s about a plain girl called Opal Plumstead with a boring life, but it soon all changes when her beloved father goes to prison for forging a cheque at work. Opal is forced to give up her school scholarship and go to work at the Fairy Glen sweet factory. She makes friends with the factory owner, Mrs Roberts, and from there, it just gets better and better.

I really recommend that you read the book.

Notes:             Opal Plumstead is written by Jacqueline Wilson, and it’s her 100th book.


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