Welcome back to school!

Half term disappeared into the mists of autumn, didn’t it? And now the nights are drawing in sooner, I’m ready to tackle my pile of books to be read. And there are LOTS that will find their way into the library very soon.

Just before the half-term break, I went on a wonderful training session at the British Library (if you’ve never been to this fantastic place, you must – if only for the architecture or even for the Harry Potter History of Magic exhibition which is so popular that tickets are being snapped up). I visited the day of the press launch, when the finishing touches were being added and I am going to go back for a closer look!

Anyway, I digress. Run by the marvellous BookTrust, the event I attended was called Start the Story and was all about inspiring children to love reading. This involves all sorts of activities – from organising book shares and donations and pop-up book shops to promoting reading for pleasure in school and online. Three inspiring women gave talks about how we could achieve this:

Happily, some of the ideas suggested are things we already do but I’ve got some fantastic prompts for further activities to try and will be working on them for the rest of this term. Watch this space!